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Get Your 20 Bonus Points Courtesy Of Weber Elite

Fill out the form below to receive your bonus points for Team Trivia!

Contact Information

Please provide a valid email address.

TEAM TRIVIA PARTICIPANTS: This form will not place you on any sales lists for Weber Elite or WEBER ELITE REALTY. You will receive an email. Please see below the form for the next steps to receive your Team Trivia bonus points. Good Luck!


You will get a confirmation email sent directly to your in-box that you will need to print out. Bring the email to the next FOUR games that you play and your team will get an additional 5 BONUS points per game (up to 20 total points per team). These will be added to your league total for that game!

You must show your host the email and they need to sign off and date it in order for you to receive the points. These are in addition to any new show bonus points and Facebook check in points. Thanks for playing!

Your Team Trivia team can only receive the Weber Elite Bonus points one time. In other words, every person on your team can sign up for BUT ONLY ONE PERSON PER TEAM can retrieve the bonus points. (5 points per game for a total of 20 points).